Stork (soverydoomed) wrote,

Filif is contemplating the Aerrow/Stork/Finn OT3
Filif: .... you got seafood.
Stork: well yes
but there is another one yet to be assigned
Filif: iyaaan not the oyster
... or you could do horrible euphemisms.
wait no they're all boys
Stork: mental image of this OT3 involves Stork FLEEING FOR HIS LIFE
Filif: or you could be like "LET ME TOUCH YOUR PEARL"
Stork: ..................
Filif: xDDDDD
Stork: I think you are getting Stork and Ivy hideously confused here.
Stork: Ivy = terrible euphemisms. Stork = DOOMED.
Filif: ... sexy noises.
"Is this good?" "DOOOOOOM"

Finn is more focused on KOS-MOS/Stork
Finn: "Biofeedback readouts indicate an abnormally high heart rate, even when taking into account the variables of sexual arousal and increased pulse rate. please explain." "YOU'RE TOUCHING MEEEEEEEEEE"
"Research indicates that this precise force will result in pleasant bodily reactions. please sit still." "NO IT DOESN'T GO THERE!!!!"
Stork: s-stop XD
Finn: "Readouts indicate that you have experienced an orgasm. this signals the end of our sexual encounter. the appropriate ice breaker at this juncture is an inquiry into how pleasing the interaction was for you." "GERMS I HAVE GERMS"
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